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The perfect list for real estate investors: nation wide, vacant properties, out of state owners, zombie properties, pre-foreclosure, and fire damage !

Home Owner’s Name. Contact Information. Equity. Last Sale Price. Last Sold Date.

Equity Investors T.O. LLC is the area’s premier real estate solutions company located in Phoenix, AZ that specializes in providing real estate investors with potential motivated sellers list, real estate deals with seller financing and funding for real estate deals. We are experts at helping real estate investors grow their business. 

Our diverse team has  over 25 years experience  of buying,  selling, funding deals, wholesaling and we understand how to make every transaction simple and stress-free. We are also well versed in most real estate deals. We always strive to create a win-win solution for every investor, and approach each deal we do accordingly.

What Information is provided on the List

We know that real estate investors need to have easy access to information to make a decision to contact the home owner, analyze the property, and decide to make a offer. That is why the list includes the home owner’s name, contact information, property description, equity, last date the property sold, the last sale price, what stage of foreclosure, and mortgage information.

What is the Price for the List?

The price for the list varies depending on the number of contacts on the list. The price starts from $10.00 for 200 leads, $55.00 for 750 leads, $120.00 for 1600 leads

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